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Leather Lever Wrap

Diamond D Custom Leather's lever wraps are designed to fit ANY lever gun.  This universal fitting, DIY, lever wrap kit will fit from the extra large Rossi Ranch Hand loops, to the Henry Big Boy Levers, or ANY of the standard Marlin or other levers found on your gun.  Handmade and created to match our popular Rifle Butt Cuff and Rifle Slings, these DIY lever wraps will not only help protect your knuckles but also help dress up your lever gun.


What's included in this DIY kit?

  • 2 7" Pre-made leather lever wrap strips of your color choice
  • 2 leather sewing needles
  • 2 pieces of 4oz sinew waxed thread

How do you sew the lever wrap on your lever gun?

Watch this video in order to visually see how it is done from our shop in Alaska.


  1. Cut the piece of leather to the desired length making sure not to have the leather wrap too high as to not allow the lever to lock into place.
  2. Place the two needles on each end of the sinew thread.
  3. After placing the half moon portion of the leather strip closest to the trigger guard, feed the sinew thru the first holes and around the lever equally.
  4. Secure it into place by cross stitching in the first hole and pulling tight.
  5. Continue down the lever using a baseball style stitch and pulling the sinew thread tight after each of the completed stitches.
  6. When you are 3 holes from the end place the other piece of sinew with the knot pointed towards the starting point and the round end exposed slightly on the end.
  7. After the last hole tie it off and lock the thread at the end with a couple knots.
  8. Feed the excess thread thru the loop placed there from step 6 and cut off any excess.
  9. Pull the knotted end out which will also pull the remaining excess string to leave a very clean and nice looking wrap.


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