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Frequently Asked Question


Can I use just one strap system with two or more holsters?

When will my order be charged?

Will my high suppressor front sight fit?

Who do you use to ship and do you ship international?

Are any of your holsters closed or are they all open on the bottom?

Is each holster made to fit only a certain gun? 
What retains the Guide’s Choice Holster?

1.  Form fitted to the specific gun model
2.  Rubber tension screw located in front of the trigger guard that allows you to adjust how tight you like the draw.

Guide's Choice Ruger Revolver

1.  Form fitted to the specific gun model
2.  Retention Strap.  THE RETENTION STRAP IS FOR SEMI-AUTOS ONLY, NO HAMMER THONG FOR THE SEMI-AUTOS.  If you choose the removable flap option, there will NOT be a retention strap.

What is the removable flap option and how does it work?

Removable Flapremovable flap

Do you have holsters in stock? 

Where can I check my online order status?

Why don't you expand to have faster production times?

Does Diamond D Custom Leather do custom work?

Do you finish the interior of your holsters?

How should my handgun fit my new Diamond D holster?


What type of leather do we use? 

Which belt do we recommend? 

Are all of your guns that you make holsters for on the list? 

How long have you been in business?

What are your current lead times for holsters? 

Why did I not get an email confirmation or the follow up email status? 

The status pages say’s my order has shipped, where is it? 

Why do you not use Suede Lining inside your holsters like other manufacturers?

When do you charge my credit card?

What is the barrel length of my gun?

How to measure your gun's barrel length

1.  Unload the Gun.
2.  Pull back the slide and cock the pistol, letting the slide close in the forward position.
3.  Insert a dowel rod of appropriate diameter down the barrel of the gun until it stops at the breech face.
4.  Mark the dowel rod at the muzzle end.
5. Remove the dowel rod and measure from the end of the rod to your mark.  This is the barrel length.

1.  Unload the gun.
2.  Pull back the slide and lock it open.
3.  Measure from the end of the barrel where the cartridge is inserted forward to the end of the muzzle, along the side of the barrel.  

1.  Unload the gun.  
2.  Insert a dowel rod of appropriate diameter into the muzzle end of the gun.  
3.  Slide the dowel rod into the barrel until it touches the face (front) of the revolver's cartridge cylinder.  
4.  Mark the dowel rod at the muzzle end.
5.  Measure the dowel rod from the end of the rod to your mark.  This is your barrel length.

What is my belt length?


A.  Your belt size is typically the same as your pant size plus 2 inches. 
B.  To verify place a cloth measure tape THROUGH (NOT around or over loops) the pant belt loops to get an accurate reading. Where the cloth tape crosses should be your belt size. Pull it as tight as you are going to wear it.
C.  The preferable method is to measure an old belt from the fold to the hole you are wearing it in now. This should be the middle hole if the belt fits properly.  

How do I care for the leather after I receive my Diamond D Custom Leather Holster?

What type of Gun Models and Manufacturers do you make holsters for?

How do I wear/adjust my Guides Choice Chest Holster?

     1. Put your arm through the main harness
     2. Wrap the nylon band around your back
     3. Connect the nylon band to it's clasp and cinch tight until the weight is off your        shoulders and carried on your chest.

Fitting issues when your Guides Choice arrives.

Does the Guides Choice come in any different color?


What is the largest size chest that the standard Guides Choice will fit?

Do you make your holsters to fit guns with lasers or scopes?

Do you make your holsters for left handed shooters?

What is the white film on my holster after stored and is it damaging?