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Alaska Urban Defender

Diamond D Custom Leather is excited to introduce our newest holster in our concealed carry lineup, the Alaska Urban Defender.  The Alaska Urban Defender will compliment our existing and offer a more slim, compact design. This concealed carry leather holster is designed to be highly concealable, easily accessible, and leave the smallest imprint possible.

We use 9 ounce top grade American hide leather and instead of having the rough in as with all of our other holster, we use a rough out design.  What this rough out design offers is added friction when the time comes to draw the gun and allows for a smooth lined interior. We use a military spec metal clip designed to fit perfectly over a standard belt or any pair of pants securing the holster in place when drawing your weapon. The lip of each holster is reinforced allowing for added support when you draw and holster your weapon.  This leather wraps around the backside of the holster in order to add a smooth cushion against your body. 

The Alaska Urban Defender will maintain its highly concealable position when you are out and about yet if the time comes to use your weapon, this leather concealed carry, inside the waistband holster, will help you defend yourself in all urban locations. 

Please note, if your barrel length is shorter than 3" then while we can still make the holster, there will be excess room at the bottom of the holster.  This is due to clip being larger than your gun and we are unable to trim it down.

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