We love to hear from our customers! 

All of the testimonials that are below are from actual customers that felt compelled to write us and let us know how they like their holster.  While we greatly appreciate getting these comments, we have in no way solicited anything or paid to have these comments provided to us.  We do this so that while you read through the testimonials you know that they are truthful and honest.  

Please feel free to share your experience with our products, our service, or anything else you feel like telling us.  We will hopefully add your comments.  You can send any pictures or testimonials to:

"God sent me to earth to destroy as many sporting goods as humanly possible & I am proud to report that I have succeeded madly!! For the most part I hunt/fish/trap/shoot/xplore year round for the last 40+ years & have learned what works & what doesn't. Here's a Ted Tested Ted Abused Ted Approved hunting pistol rig that is the royal catsAss!! Check em out. I use this killer Diamond D Custom Leather Guide's Choice Chest Holster when carrying my killer Glock 40 xtended 10mm for optimal access. Love the bitch! Mike Barrett & team up there in God's country AK are the best!! Git ya some!!"
Ted Nugent

Our Friends @ Shoot Straight TV put a video together while using a few of our products, enjoy!


THANK YOU !  My holster arrived today (the 19th) as promised and the shipment tracking info that you supplied was spot on accurate. 
THE HOLSTER IS A UTILITARIAN WORK OF ART and my Glock 19 fits into it perfectly - I can’t wait to show it off at the range.  Based on what I see I will be ordering more products from you soon. 
Thanks again,
I received my order today, June 3rd, 2017, the two items I got were the Guides Choice leather chest holster and the Natural oil belt 1 3/4" with kydex. I just wanted to let you know what you know already, the fit, finish, quality and skill put into each of them is absolutely above and beyond he capabilities of most others. My next order will be a pair of pancake holsters, they are the sexiest on the market to date! Thank you to those craftsmen/craftswomen who make the products and thanks to the ladies up front who answer the phones. They took my order, explained every detail and what to expect pertaining to lead times. They are very pleasant, knowledgeable and especially helpful. RAISES FOR EVERYONE!! Thank You, Shane A
The holster y'all made for me (Order #4754) arrived in this mornings
mail and I just wanted to tell y'all that I'm very pleased with it.
Please tell Mr. Johnston for me that he does excellent work. :-)

I wasn't sure about an IWB for a full size 9mm, but this holster is very
comfortable and easy to wear as I found out during a 4 hour shopping
trip with my wife this morning. ;-)

I'll probably be doing some more business with you in the future.

Thank you very much,

Gene L.

GySgt, USMC (Ret)
I just received my new holster. Finally I have a holster to carry my desert eagle 44. The best gun in the world can be a burden unless you have a good way to transport it when it not in use. I love my new holster, fits me perfect. Fits the gun like a glove. The perfect holster for an oversized gun and puts it in  the perfect location for a quick draw for that Oh S%&T situation. Thanks again.
Linda B.
         I received my order and couldn't be more pleased with the fine craftsmanship.
Thank you again
Just received my holster. First the fit is perfect! Over workmanship is outstanding. Very pleased.

You must be the best sort of people at Diamond D Custom Leather.
I must state that every step taken in the ordering and altering
phases of getting my Guide's Choice holster has been a pleasure.
Everytime I have called, I have heard a cheerful and enthusiastic
voice at the other end offering to help. But the most satisfying experience has got to be getting the
holster and basketweave black leather belt in the mail. Both
products are of the best quality and design. I had a friend help
me adjust the Guide's Choice leather holster to my frame. And I
wore the belt, in place of my normal dress belt, and could not
be more pleased. I will be making plans to purchase all my
leather-based products from your fine establishment. And will be
sure and share my experience with all my shooting enthusiast
friends. May God Bless and Keep You All, Amen
Jeffery L.


The sling and butt cuff arrived this afternoon. They are beautiful and the craftsmanship is perfect. I will put them on my Henry H010 .45-70 Govt. and send a pic soon.
Best wishes and be safe,
Doc Corbin
Under promised , over delivered!! I am very impressed!!!! 
Thank you

I received my order (4273) Monday for a S&W Governor holster and drop loop.  I was really impressed by the quality of both items.  The holster was a fit immediately and did not require a break-in.  The stitching and dyeing were perfect.  Great Job!!!

Don F

My name is Brandon. I would just like to thank you for the rifle sling and butt cuff and commend you on your craftsmanship. I ordered the sling and cuff to put on a rifle that had been handed down to me from my father. He got it from his father. It has seen 3 generations and each of us have killed deer with it. My Dad passed away this past February 28th and that is what prompted me to buy the sling and cuff. With those 2 seemingly simple pieces of leather, a gun that is very special to me is now even more special. 
Thank You,
Brandon M
Excellent holster. Fits perfectly.  Thanks.
Dear Diamond D,
I wanted to let you guys know that I have received my Alaska Hunter HH for my Glock 23 today and I am loving it. Thank you very much. I have looked for so long for leather holsters that I would be happy with and I could not be happier. I will be getting a couple more soon, one for my Sig P938 and one for my Ruger GP100. Again Thank You very much.
Sincerely One Happy Customer,
Martin K
I want to thank you for helping me find the right holster.  It arrived today and fit perfectly.  I appreciate your working with me to find a holster for a gun that was new to you.  
Will carry it on my visits to Alaska but really bought it so I could have a gun while working here in Florida for hogs.  They are a greater threat here than bears.  I've had two friends torn up by hogs in the last couple of years.  Hard to carry a gun and work in the woods.  
Thanks again for such great customer service.
Mike L
I gotta tell ya by far hands down the best holster the craftsmanship and knowledge of staff and warranty and customer service is absolutely done just right the gal I spoke with super friendly easy to talk to and very knowledgeable down side very expensive but hand made leather is not cheap but I couldn't be happier I can say enough good things about the product and my experience to date also I plan on putting this holster thru the ringer where it daily so I'll be giving you feed back as well good bad or ugly or otherwise but honestly keep up the outstanding job and I that thank you for such a outstanding product worth every penny           Happy customer 
I just read an advance copy of an article by Bob Mallard scheduled to run in The Maine Sportsman entitled "Arming for Bear Protection". The article highly recommended the Guide’s Choice Leather Chest Holster by Diamond D Leather.
I am a former Maine Game Warden, licensed Maine Guide, avid outdoorswoman and gun enthusiast. I enjoy fly fishing and hunting in remote places, and most of my outdoor adventures take me way up into the backcountry, often on multi-day solo excursions. I used to carry a .357 magnum revolver in a hip holster, but I have recently upgraded to a .44 magnum Ruger Redhawk for personal protection in the backcountry after having several very close encounters with bears. Although I have only had to draw my gun once on a bear -- and luckily that particular northwestern Montana griz backed down and I did not have to shoot -- this encounter made me realize that I needed a gun with more firepower and a method of carry that was more readily accessible. Now I have the gun, but I have been searching for the perfect holster.
I am a small-framed person and it is not comfortable or practical to carry a large revolver like the .44 mag on my hip. A conventional hip holster is also not feasible with a backpack, daypack, fanny pack or fishing vest. The Diamond D Guide's Choice Chest Holster is a perfect solution because the gun is held high and in front where it is easy to access; the holster itself is out of the way of my backpack and shoulder straps; and it can be worn with a vest, backpack or fannypack. 
As you well know, having high quality gear that is functional, comfortable and practical is an important component of being prepared. I have been looking for the perfect product and after reading Mr. Mallard's article, I believe my search has now ended. I am planning to purchase the Guide's Choice Leather Chest Holster by Diamond D with the reload strip. 
Thanks for producing such a high quality product.
Emily B
I received my holster today. Thanks for doing great work! I love it!

I love the holster. I've been wearing it around the house since
it came yesterday and it is very comfortable. It works great with
my backpack on as well.
Ken P.

I have received my orders. The belts and holster are beautiful.
I included a couple photos. Thought you might like to see what it looks like.
Thank you very much.

Very satisfied with the quality and a perfect fit. 
Thank you for the fast service.
Robert B.
Guide's Choice Chest Holster
Yes I have recieved my order and it is BEAUTIFUL my Step-Father
will love it . THANKS
Mujib M.

Got it.  It was worth the wait.  Exactly what I wanted for deer
hunting with my s&w.  Great workmanship....
William B.

Received my holsters and am very impressed with them.
Steve L.
Hello, I would like just to say THANK YOU ! !
Holster is same, as was my imagination, I really appreciate it.
The holster is everything I had hoped it to be, quality and craftsmanship is superb! 
Look forward to doing business with you in the future. 
You guys and gals make a one hell of a leather product!!
Thank you,
Shayne S
Damm u guys an gays do good work.it fits great looks great an you people are Great to deal with!!!!
Mike J.
Received my hip holster today for my new Blackhawk. The fit and finish is perfect. It's always a pleasure working you.
Thank you 
Pete W
I received my rig today, and it is a beautiful thing !!, as expected it is a work of art....... My firearm is tight, but it is expected as the leather takes some time to work in.
Thank you to all that made this, and handled it, and shipped it has been a pleasure to purchase this holster from Diamond D Leather.
All aspects of my experience were wonderful.
I belong to a rod & gun club here in New Hampshire, and a lot of people will see it, and I will tell them where I got it, and how they can to get one from Diamond D Leather..!
Thank you everyone..!!!!!
Martin H
Thank you for the wonderful holster. I received the holster yesterday I ordered weeks back and I love it. The holster meets and exceeds my expectations. I am very excited and proud to use it soon.I will be recommending all your products to family and friends. Thanks again Todd M
Greetings from Minnesota,
         Sure like the leather wallet... looks great.

Diamond D Custom Leather
I received my holster for my Ruger 41 caliber Red Hawk. The holster arrived sooner than expected. The pistol fits perfect in the holster. The holster is of the highest quality and look beautiful. Please tell everyone that I am a very happy customer with the holster that I received.
Gary J. T

Hello I recently bought my Super Blackhawk Exclusive .44 Magnum and found out about your Holsters you make here in Alaska, so did my research and watched my share of youtube videos on your Holsters :) I spoke to one of your rep and she was great Customer Service! Sorry i forgot her name started with a T "Taylor"? anyways she was fantastic. Thank you for having great staff along with your high quality of product! I received my holster within Days i live here in Sitka Alaska. I opened it up excited and slipped my New Revolver into the holster and WOW fit amazing like a perfect Glove. looked at all the threading on my holster and flawless! the Leather on it is Phenomenal a perfect 10 on all aspects on what you all do thanks again :) HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!

Bronson P.

I received my chest rig holster the other day. This is my second
chest rig I have purchased from you. As usual the craftsmanship,
fit and finish are outstanding! Your design is so much better
than any other I have tried in the past. You folks make a first
rate product. Thank You! David

Looks and fits great! Can't wait to take it into the field.
Thank you for your fine work.

Thank you so much! I will be here all day for the delivery.
I truly love the Diamond D Guide holster I bought from Cabelas
and I know it will be the same with this new holster direct from
the source. I'm 65 with bad knees and having two hands free in
case I fall makes a difference; just as importantly, having easy
access to the weapon where I hunt is paramount to success. 
May God bless your hearts!
Thom. H

The  holster  arrived  in 3 days.  The  holster fit  the  
Taurus 82 perfectly
. and it is a product  of outstanding quality.
I was particularly impressed with  the "double headed"  screws
that secured the strap adjustment.
Bill C.

Received it today very pleased with the workmanship and fit
thank you very much. Truly satisfied    Wendell B

I can't thank you people enough for putting the extra snap on
my S&W 500 Mag speed loader pouch. It works great with the longer
Barnes bullets. Both the Guide's Choice holster & speed loader
pouch are great, high quality products! I can't imagine trying
to carrying this weapon in any other type of holster.
Gene A.
Thank you for a quality holster that will last a lifetime, im sure.
I am very pleased with it.
Brg Anders B.

Your holsters are absolutely impeccable.
The quality of workmanship is unequaled in the industry.
I have never holstered my Anaconda because I could never find
a holster that I was comfortable putting it in...until now!
Anyhow, thanks for all the hard work you do to produce such a
fine product!

Diamond D

I got the holster. Looks and feels great.

You got it to me faster than I expected.


Mark O

We are very impressed with the holsters.  Thank you so much.  I appreciate the time & effort y'all put into this order.
Beautiful Work!   Perfect for my G40.  Thanks!
Thanks...the quality is everything I had hoped it would be.
What can i say about the Guide's Choice Leather Holster i just recieved, you guys out did yourself it fits my 1969 s/w  mod. 19-3 357 mag. 4" bbl. i did not have to make any adjustment it fit fine. thanks Mike and all the guys at Diamond D Leather for the fast service and such a well made holster.  
I received your shipment today and I have to let you know how happy I am with this holster. It's a perfect example of caring craftsmanship. I'll be proud to wear this holster and even more proud to recommend your company. Thank you for your business.
Chris B
Thank you. My husband just loves his holster. It fits perfect and toped it
 off with his initial s.  Thank you again
The holster fits PERFECTLY! Quality is always worth the wait. Thank you.

I received the holster for my Smith M&P. It fits perfectly. The workmanship is great. It was worth the wait. Thanks
The holster arrived today.  It's beautiful and the
fit is perfect.  Thank you.
Diamond D,
My usual and customary practice is I talk too much. Receipt of the two
Guide' Choice holsters has left me almost speechless. Many years have
passed since I was as excited or as pleased with a purchase right out of
the box as I am with my new rig. The Herman Oak leather is superb. The
craftsmanship displayed in the making of the holsters is a complement to
the leather used. Sitting here "strapped up" is a pleasure, my Vaquero is
safely tucked away, yet convenient should I need it. The gun, while heavy
feels much lighter given the design and fit of the carrier. I live and
work on a farm shared by rattle snakes, wild hogs, and coyotes...my gun is
one of the many tools I have at hand to insure I get my work done. My fine
new Guide Holster will save much energy by the weight distribution, help
me stay safe, provide another teaching/learning opportunity for my 13yo
grandson, and give me added pleasure as I work at being a good steward of
our patch of land.

Please give my regards and thanks to Mr. Johnston, Maker, for making my
holsters. I look forward to receiving updates on new products. I hope
Diamond D continues to grow and prosper, but leave the caveat of guarding
against increasing production at the expense of high quality.


William W.
Now that's a gun belt! 
I ordered this as a replacement for the Smith & Wesson branded belt that would not fit their matching holster in the cross draw configuration, even though both were made specifically for the Performance Center model 627. To say I was unimpressed is an understatement. With the black hardware option, your belt not only matches their holster better, but allows me to use it in the cross draw position.
As a note we do make a cross draw holster, our Alaska Hunter Hip Holster, that works great as a cross draw paired nicely with our belt.
Just got my Guides Choice for my S/W 686. 
LOVE IT! This is the holster I've been looking for.
Thanks for a great product and great customer service.
Phil W.

I am in receipt of my new holster. I am very pleased with this entire transaction. I own at least 20 holsters and I will say that my new holster is a beauty and will not sit in a drawer. Great product, great service.

Thank you,



I received my Guide Chest Holster for my Glock G40 MOS on 
Saturday, Dec 24th. Out of the box I was impressed, I adjusted
the straps and have worn it for 2 days now, working in the pistol
and the magazine pouch. I have worn it both ways, with the main
strap over both sides, and this is the nicest holster I own for
off the belt carry. Heck, it`s the nicest holster period. I have
a bunch of pistols and revolvers with two big boxes of holsters
I rarely even use anymore, I have several shoulder holsters too,
this is the best way to carry a large pistol or revolver. One of
my buddies with a S&W 629-3, 8 3/8" barrel is captivated with
this thing, he`s had a hard time finding a holster suitable for
that hogleg. I will be ordering another for another pistol, the
hand work is flawless and the quality is outstanding. Thanks for
another GREAT American made product!!! God Bless and Merry
Christmas. Boyd B

Thank you so much ' just got my 45 chest holster ' i love it ,
fits great and i can tell i will get many many years of use from
it ' the quality is superb ! look forward to doing future
business whth you ! and thank you for being so professional and
helpful when i would call to see the status on my order '
the girls were so polite and nice ! thank you girls !
merry christmas and GOD bless !
Guys, I tested-out the "Alaska Hunter" holster, which I intentionally ordered without a snap-strap, since I figured the tension adjustment would do the needed retention, and I was correct. (You guys ALSO mounted a hammer thong, which is an IDEAL substitute, in rough country, and I'm used to using one, on single action rigs.)
I expected this to be a good holster, based upon the website photos, and the butt cuff, belt, and sling products you'd made, but this thing is nothing short of magnificent. Blocking is perfect. Leather is ideal. Stitching is perfect. Fit is dead-on. The color even goes well with my Hogue butt stock. Good stuff, Gentlemen, very, VERY good stuff. 
Merry Christmas to all of You, and your families. Keep warm, up there.
-John S

Receive my holster and belt today. WOW! Fit, finish and
craftsmanship are impeccable. Period. Thank you and Merry
Christmas to everyone!
David M.
Received my sling saturday , EXCELLENT, OUTSTANDING WORKMANSHIP , Thanks ,

Very nice. I just received the holsters you sent. The diamond d
Guide's Choice for my 460v fits me perfectly right out of the box.
The shoulder strap is just right and the rest of the rig is very
good. The 460 is a very snug fit in the holster as it should.
I'm sure it will have a good draw with some use. I owned a major
brand for the 460 previously but I was looking for a better
holster with better rigging and a better shoulder strap.
This is it. Thanks, Thomas E. S
I have one of your Guide's Choice holsters that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! 
I use it center chest while backpacking and under my left arm when
bow hunting. It's perfect! It only requires a strap adjustment.
David M.
Just received my Rifle Butt Cuff today and went ahead and put 
it on my rifle, Ruger 44 Mag Carbine. Perfect.......now I have
my eye on a Holster for my 44 Blackhawk. Thanks

I recommend the Guide’s Choice Chest Holster.  I spent 20 plus years in the military and discovered I prefer a chest holster to a waist holster. The chest holster is out of the way when sitting, getting in and out of vehicles, and frees my hands while walking.  I recently used the Diamond D holster while deer hunting.  The ability to walk and cover ground while using a revolver in a holster is much easier then carrying a rifle or a shotgun.  If you are comfortable hunting with a revolver; I recommend using the revolver and a holster.

A holster completes and enhances the use and enjoyment of a handgun.  I see people at the shooting range with their handgun in a box or range bag. The holster is a safe convenient place to put your handgun in between firing rounds.  One thing common to humanity is we talk with our hands. So if you stop to talk put your handgun in a holster. 

The Diamond D holster was made for my 357 Ruger Blackhawk. It fits perfectly.  I also own a Ruger single six 22, and a Heritage Rough Rider 22.  All three handguns have the same length barrel.  The Diamond D holster works for any one of the three handguns I choose to carry.  One thing to note the 8 round reload accessory is too long to fit on the chest strap of the rig. So order the 6 round reload, or you’ll need to place the 8 round reload on the horizontal strap of the rig.

CPT Robert A

Hello there, I just received my guides choice chest holster today for my raging bull and I have to tell you I love it and it surpassed my expectations ! Thank you for the quick prompt service also. I'm sure I can get you some more business once my hunting buddies see it. Plus I think I would like another for another pistol or two that I have. Thanks again! Dave R

Just wanted to tell you guys the Alaskan Holster for my Smith and Wesson 627 V-Comp fit perfect and is the best holster I have ever owned. It was well worth the wait for quality workmanship like you guys do. I have since ordered a belt and rifle sling that I can hardly wait to receive. I would highly recommend your products to anyone and would gladly be used as a reference if needed. Thanks again!!!!!
Randy W.

Received in record time !! I added an item on Friday before noon and received my holster at 12.43 PM on Monday. 3 days including the weekend in Los Angeles.

The quality is outstanding and I expected it to be but the service, if isn't just equal to the quality, it surpasses it !!

Thank you all ! Allan, Peter and Taylor who helped me over the phone.

Very grateful and appreciative of your winning business formula !


Guide's Choice Chest Holster worn while hunting

Thank you for making a comfortable high quality product.  I am completely satisfied with the holster and how comfortably I can carry my backup weapon.  Cheers from Montana!

I've just now ordered a FOURTH Diamond D Custom Leather product. I should let you know that I'm very particular about gun leather, and I've owned rigs from several companies whose names you'd recognize, for around 40 years, using VARIOUS belts, holsters, slings, pouches, and so on. The obvious quality of the blocking, leather-finishing, and stitching that you can see in the photographs on the Diamond D site are no exaggeration; they're simply showing you what they really DO, there, in Wasilla. Aside from the excellent appearance of their gear, the fact is that many of the people shopping from this page will not just be carrying these items for "fun," or for "looks," but because they're going to need to actually be able to RELY-upon this sort of gear. Well, the reason that I'm now on my FOURTH Diamond D product is that, in my opinion, this is well-placed reliance. Look at the OTHER testimonials, and you'll see what I mean. And, even if you're simply a casual, recreational shooter, it certainly doesn't hurt to be able to hold a piece of really well-executed craftsmanship in your hand, and to be grateful that it reflects the kind of care and quality that went into the sort of high-quality "hardware" for which you bought this kind of gun leather, to begin-with. No kiddin'.

- John S., in Texas


Received my holster today.  Not only was that incredibly fast, the holster is way too nice.  That first trip into the woods is going to be difficult as I do not want to scratch it!  Very impressive work!!!!

DD Leather,

I just wanted to compliment you on a fine product, after spending thousands(really) of dollars trying to find a suitable do all holster, I found yours for my S&W 329PD!  Float hunting AK to Coues White Tail in AZ, this dog will hunt!  I just received my second chest holster this time for a Glock 21 and it is perfect.  I will be ordering a belt and your hip holster next just for the elegant dinner parties(BBQ's) to show of my holster and 1911 BBQ gun.

Thanks for a fine American Made Product.

CJ. Marr

P.S.  I've had six buddies buy once since I got mine, Keep the quality, they sell themselves.

I received my new holster today and was absolutely blown away!! The craftsmanship, fit and finish are top notch, and I didn't even have to adjust the strap...it fit perfectly right out of the box. You guys have really hit it out of the park with this design. I wore it for at least 3 hours today and it is very comfortable..much more so than my old hip holster. I should have ordered one a long time ago. Thanks for a great product, easy ordering and the incredibly fast shipping!!
Alan A.
Talmoon, MN

I've been buying holsters from you for years and was very anxious to get my hip holster for my Freedom Arms model 83. Got the box. Ripped it open like a kid on Christmas But when I saw the holster and thought " oh my this is never going to fit." Well I was wrong and as usual it is well constructed. The fit, which I questioned , was excellent. The revolver is probably the most attractive handgun I own and you holster only enhances the look.  Also love the toilet paper holder!

Paul T. via Facebook

Hi Diamond D, Rob Argo here in upstate New York.  I just wanted to let you know I received my Guide's Choice holster yesterday and the fit and finish is top notch as expected.  Thanks for the quick turn around time.  I'm anxious to show it off.  I will keep your site bookmarked for future interest in your products.  Thanks again.  All the best,
                                                                                              Rob A.
I received my new holster in the mail a little over a week ago and just wanted to tell you it's perfect. The fit and finish are great, it's secure and is very comfortable. I had the opportunity to wear it on an outing while scouting for elk over the weekend. No issues what-so-ever. I am extremely pleased and will always buy your holsters in the future for whatever handgun I carry in the field. Thanks for a great American made product. Please tell the leathermaker well done.
A very pleased customer,


Just wanted to let you know that the holster arrived and I really like it. The Mountain Gun fits perfectly and so does the speedloader. It's a comfortable holster to wear, as well. Outstanding job!


Joe B.

Norman, OK


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I wanted to send my thanks to you for the terrific order-service and next day delivery of 2 of the pistol chest-rigs. They arrived at Spernak Airways Anchorage the next day and well in time for our fishing expedition 2016.

The product is fantastic...guns fit perfectly and the adjustment screws and straps make it a dream to secure it onto any size person.

The Colt 45 sized nicely with double snaps for max security and having the extra magazine pouch sewn right onto the shoulder strap for easy access worked perfect. Same for the .44 mag set-up with the trigger loop.

This is a worthy investment for hunters and fishermen who traverse rough country or for fishing in streams to keep the weapon dry and accessible for self-defense.

Your company, service and products are 5-star and should last our lifetime as an outstanding piece of wilderness equipment that you can trust your life on.

Best always,

Steve Spernak

Orange County, Ca

 Fishing Gun Holster for Bear Protection, leather gun holster, Guide's Choice™ Chest Holster

Just wanted to say thanks for such a great product. I love the combo of my Guide's Choice holster with my Ruger Super Blackhawk 6" 44 mag!


Curt P


Leather Gun Holster, Guide's Choice™ Chest Holster


To whom it may concern,

I ordered a "Guides choice" holster for my brother in law's birthday.  He was just diagnosed with cancer so the present was especially well received.  

Please thank the craftsman who constructed this fine holster that he or she not only produced a great holster they brought a lot of happiness to a person who has lately received nothing but "crappy" news.

Thank you


I wish every company took care of their customers like ya'll do. I purchased my third guide's choice holster from ya'll. I explained I was going on a hunt and I was in a time crunch. Ya'll came through and went beyond what I asked for. I can't thank you enough. Your customer service is fantastic. I wish ya'll the best. A life long friend and customer down here in Texas. Mike B.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thank you so much for your work and craftsmanship! I just received my holster and absolutely love it!
Take care!

Thank you for making the best holsters around. The wait time for these is well worth it. As you can see in the photo below I'm a huge fan of your craftwork and wish you all the best in future endeavors. Customer service is second to none!! I call this my Diamond D Wall of Fame...I'm pretty sure it will grow in the future!!

Thanks again,
Guide's Choice Chest Holsters
Just received my order from you. Thanks so much. I couldn't be more pleased with your work. The fit is perfect and the look of the holster is magnificent. I will be recommending your products to everyone!!!

Hey there,
Here is a photo of my Guides Choice with my S&W 629 on the bank of the Situk river in Yakutat while taking a quick break from fishing! I love that holster, it carrys perfectly with my chest waders.

I received my holster a few days ago and am totally impressed with everything about it !! I am sure I will be doing a bit more shopping with you guys in the near future. Thanks for a great made in Alaska/USA product..............................Tim

I ordered my holster last week and was amazed it got here to NYC so quickly! Kudos to you all.

As with my previous orders from Diamond D, I really love the craftsmanship. The guides choice is a wonderful rig. 

Due to a very tight fit, it was suggested I wrap my revolver ( ruger alaskan) in saran warp overnight. This along with drawing and holstering repeatedly is making for a better fit. 

However I still require two hand to draw the revolver; left hand to hold down the holster in place, right hand to draw. While this isn’t a deal breaker, In the videos I watched this wasn’t necessary, 
Its it just a break in issue? 

In reality its not a very huge departure from using a hip holster, support side to chest then mate both hands upon presentation. My trigger finger discipline is good but still I really want to draw with one hand, god forbid I’m injured or the other hand is otherwise occupied. Also Im not a fan of flagging any part of my body with the muzzle of any firearm.

Please advise,



I received my holster this week and absolutely love it. My G40 fits perfectly.
It's going to be a sweet deer hunting rig here in the Michigan cedar swamps. It's safe to say that won't be the last holster I order.

Thanks again,


          I received my order. Wow....it looks great thank you for what certainly appears to be quality products.

Your company has a stellar reputation for a stellar holster, but the rifle sling is especially eye popping it's the exact kind of sling I've been searching for

Thank you

Diamond D,

Thank you so much for a perfect fit holster. I received it yesterday, all in good order, and it fits both myself and the gun perfectly.

Actually was going to write last week, wondering about when I should expect, and then saw this note the next day. Pretty good timing. =)

Hope you all are well ... and, thank you again!

All the best,

Todd M

Just got my Guides Choice Holster.WOW,it is not only beautiful and well made,but fits so perfect.I am carrying my Backpacker 44 magnum in it and you don't even know you have it on.Then,I got it in a week all the way from Alaska to Ohio.This was my first purchase,but will not be my last.You have a great company and great service.Will be ordering more items from you in the next week.Thanks so much!!
Dan M.

Wow! I am speachless and at a loss for words at how impressed I am at the quality, fit and function of my new Guides choice holster that just arrived today for my Freedom Arms mod 83 7 1/2 inch barrel. I was wondering if ther would be a good way to carry this long handgun and this holster is the real deal! It fits and rides so nicely even when bending over and moving around. I can't wIt to get out and hunt with it. My holster arrived in a most expedient time! I was expecting a much longer wait! I also want to thank you so much for allowing me to switch my order to a different gun for now. When I called to speak with you a very friendly and professional woman answered the phone and was extremely helpful and so nice to talk to. Wish I could remember her name but you folks are awesome. I am so very happy with every aspect of my business experience with you all. Nice work! Beautiful leatherwork and craftsmanship! Top notch!!! I will soon be ordering another of the same holster for my Ruger Redhawk. And when the guys at my hunting club see your work I will be sure to provide them with your name and number! Thank you very much for such a beautiful holster stystem and for be such a great bunch of people to do business with. You earned a loyal customer here! 
Jeff Y

Just got my 45-70 rifle cuff from diamond leather,unbelievable craftsmanship,the fit on the stock is perfect,the eye hole placement ,and the cut is second to none,I do chainsaw carving and glass etching so know a little about art and this is true art,ther are not enough companies in the world that just do it right but these guys put a quality product in your hands for a crazy good price,customer service and old world craftsmanship, now I want a carrying strap for my 45-70,and I know it will be more than I pay for,thank you for caring about your work and your customers

Hello there !
I just purchased one of your EXCELLENT quality Guides Choice holsters for my
S&W 686 and am I ever happy with it !. I've been researching a chest rig for
quite some time but never made a purchase because I just couldn't find the
"right one". My search ended after I watched a you tube video that I stumbled
 on by accident and after seeing it decided to give your holster a try.

First off, the craftsmanship is second to none - you guys know leather !. My gun fit PERFECTLY 
as if I had actually sent it in to be custom fitted - I
didn't even have to do the break-in you spoke of; it fit like a glove. I wore
 it around most of the day and the comfort level was amazing. The weight
distribution and ability to adjust to your needs makes it a backpackers or
hunters dream.

I plan on buying another rig from you soon for a .44 mag; I'm just undecided
 what brand and barrel length I'll be going with yet or I'd have already
 placed my order. The only holster I want my gun riding in is your Guides
 Choice - try one, you won't be disappointed!. Thankyou for making such a
great product and providing equally great service!

Gary L.

I was going to submit  my feedback once I received my holster, but decided to provide some now.
I had a few questions about the Guides Choice holster so I thought I'd call Diamond D directly. Upon doing so, I spoke with a gentleman named Steven. I have to say, he was extremely knowledgeable about their products comma answered all of my questions, took my order, never rushed the process and was a pleasure to speak to. The service I received was absolutely outstanding. I'm excited to receive my new holster and will submit feedback and pictures once received.
Thank you Diamond D for the incredible and friendly service. Without having my new holster in my hands yet, I am comfortable saying; anyone looking for a new holster, this is the place to buy it from!
Best Regards,
Reg M.

Received my GC Holster. WOW. Thanks for the quality of your work. It is both comfortable, beautiful and will last a lifetime. Number two is in my cart but a little Gun poor at the moment and can't pull the trigger just yet. Again Thank you.
Andrew O.

Dear Diamond D Custom Leather:

We have a home in Colorado and often travel out West during down time from our work schedules. Desiring a good all around "bear gun," I was finally able to locate a Ruger Super Red Hawk Alaskan. It needed a home and I was pleased to find the perfect holster the Guides Choice Chest Holster. I added the 7 round reload and speed loader and of course initials. The removeable flap added the finishing touch to this quality holster that fits perfectly and beats out any other method I've come across in my 58 years to keep my gun at the ready when taking out the trash in the mountains to a day fly fishing. Thanks for producing a great product made in the USA!

Stephen R. Estes Park, CO

Hello i just received my Guides Choice Holster and i love it. You made it extra length for my lone wolf barrel on my Glock 20SF and the fit is perfect. The holster is thick top quality leather and i like the adjustment you have for lowering the holster if you have a tall upper body i had to adjust mine 1 hole lower which i was very glad i could, there was No charge for making my holster longer to fit the custom barrel i have, again thank you for making a great product in America
Wayne N.

I bought a GUIDES CHOICE from Amazon. It is a perfect fit for my RUGER SUPER REDHAWK ALASKAN 44MAG and the Speed Loader and it works great too. I'm very happy with your products. You do very nice work. Thanks, take care, GOD BLESS SLICK-OUT 

I received this order today. 
Your products are perfect! I/m very impressed with your workmanship. 
I've today placed another order for a 1911 Guides Choice Holster.
Many thanks 
John M

Around 3 years ago I did extensive research to determine what holster manufacturer had that best holster for my 4" 44mag S&W. I concluded that Diamond D Custom Leather Guides Choice Chest holster was the best fit. 
I completed a phone order and received that holster a few weeks later and it was simply unmatched.  It was the best holster I have ever seen or had and it fit my gun perfectly.  I am an avid bow hunter and it worked perfectly when drawing without getting in the way and the modifications to moving the holster were exactly as described.  I recommended your holster to so many hunting buddies and patients.
Kevin E.

I just received my guides choice holster. It only took a few days to get here, didnt expect it so soon! I just want to thank you guys for this wonderful product. I have always made do with cheap holsters, but last fall while packing out a big bull moose I became fed up with my nylon hip holster pulling my pants down, catching brush, and being less than ready if I had needed it in a hurry. Being covered in blood at 2:00 am, middle of nowhere in the Alaska range made me think about how quickly I could draw and shoot. I'm a working stiff, and $200 for a holster was alot to swallow, But the fact that you guys are making them here in Alaska made the decision easier. When I strapped it on with my RSR toklat I realized that it's worth every dime. Problem is now I want one for each of my handguns! Thanks again, Frank in Sterling.

The Sig 220 Alaskan Guide Holster w/mag pouch has arrived, and thank you for the great service. Like all the my Diamond D Holsters (12+) the product is a prefect fit and the workmanship is unsurpassed by any other maker to date! Thanks again.

The holster you sent is my new favorite leather for my .44 here on the ranch. Retired my old belt and holster. Can't wait for the holster for the 10mm.  Thanks. Great holster, wish I had one years ago.
Mike B.

Just received my guide holster for my 629Vcomp, it is awesome! Wanted to drop you a line to say thanks, so comfortable, looking forward to all day carry now....Thanks again for a great product
William C.

I just want to say I am blown away by your product and service. I ordered a Guides Choice for my 6" 1911 on 1/21/2016 and opened my door today and low and behold there it was. I wasn't expecting it for several more weeks. It is an even better holster than I thought and I knew it was good. Thank you and your crew so very very much. I am sure I will have to have another for a different handgun soon.

Received the holster for my S&W 629. fantastic holster. the holster was a perfect fit the way it came adjusted. thanks. this rig will go on all deer, pig and elk hunts from now on. can't wait for the one for my Glock 10mm. I think you will be getting some new Texas customers from my direction in the future. thanks again.
Michael B.

Fits perfect ( the gun and me). Thanks for another great holster. Time to reload a batch of 32s and go walking around for rabbits while hiking into trout streams.
Martin K.

Got my chest holster and it fits me and my gun like a glove. Thank you  
for making a quality product.

Your holsters are absolutely the best. I have struggled with my super blackhawk and wife's condescending sneers for years until I found you guys. It was still a few years before I could finally get the OK to get "that holster I always talked about." Just got it today and I can't wait to rock it on my next hike. Nice leather work and great cross draw design! Erik D.

WOW! I received my guides choice today, and I must say the craftsmanship is exceptional! Thanks for making a great product. Looking forward to fly fishing, 4-wheeling, mountain biking and hiking with it on. Perfect fit! Thanks again.


Just got my holster. What a quality product you produce. It exceeds my expectations. This is a product that you can be proud to say is made in America, I will wear it with pride.
Bruce, LA