What type of leather do we use and why??

All of our leather used in our premium gun holsters, leather belts, personalized leather dog collars, and accessories come from the oldest and best tannery in the USA, Hermann Oak Leather.  They use the old fashion way of tanning their leather and doesn't use any chemicals like many of our competitors.  This natural, organic method, ensures the leather quality, feel, and that it will last while not hurting you, your animal, or your weapon.

Below is a video from Hermann Oak of a tour of their facilities and to learn a little more about the leather we choose to use for all of our leather gun holsters, leather belts, and personalized leather dog collars.

Visit our product collection to view the holsters we hand craft using Hermann Oak Leather!

Guide's Choice™ Chest Holster

Alaska Hunter Hip Holster

HH12 Hip Holster

Simple Shoulder Rig (SSR)

"Alaska Tough" Leather Belts

Personalized Dog Collars


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David Hawkings
David Hawkings

November 12, 2016

I hadn’t thought about the fact that most leather goods are treated with chemicals now. I like that there are businesses that still do things old school. I prefer the old american craftsmanship.

Merle  D.  Brunell
Merle D. Brunell

August 20, 2016

Purchased a guide hoster for my 11 and i love it, great workmenship, keep up the excellent craftmanship.

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