What are the "popular" holsters or items usually in stock?

While our wait time is running a solid 4-6 weeks we know there is a lot of concern about your items arriving before Christmas and when your purchase will ship.  

In general, we are not able to keep any of our hip holsters in stock and they are all running 4-6 weeks due to their custom nature.

Our Guide's Choice™ Chest Holsters are easier to keep in stock or just a couple weeks out for our "popular" models.  These are for right handed, no removable flap option.  (Guide's Choice reloads, speed loader pouches, and mag pouches are almost always in stock and will not slow down your order)

Taurus Tracker 4",6"

S&W L/K Frame 4", 6"

S&W N Frame 4", 6", 6.5"

S&W X Frame 4", 5"

Ruger Super Redhawk/Redhawk 2.5", 4", 5.5", 7.5"

Ruger Blackhawk 4 5/8", 7.5"

Glock 20/21

Glock 40mos

1911 5" (without rail)

This is not a complete list of our current stock, and please call with questions if they come up but just so you have a better idea.

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Can I get one for a glock 43 of a g19  S/W shield
Can I get one for a glock 43 of a g19 S/W shield

December 10, 2017

I ware overalls all the time (only thing I own to ware). I have one for g20/29,but I wish I had one for a smaller gun for my concealed carry. I put on a a tee shirt then my guide holster a button up shirt. An a button up shirt an I only button the top two An the bottom two put on my overalls, stuff in my bib pockets. An know one in 3 years has known I have a gun own me. they just think the bulge is phone cigarettes lighter. Just reach inside bibs through the buttons that are open An it’s just as handy as having it outside.

Mike Bank
Mike Bank

December 29, 2016

Looking for single or double shoulder holster to carry 1 or 2 ruger blackhawk 44mag 71/2 " barrel in leather

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