New Catalog, New Products, New Prices

Starting in January 2017 we are adding to our line up of popular concealed carry holsters and accessories.  


We are going to add a Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster for semi-auto guns only.  This single layer yet very sturdy holster will allow for about a 20 degree cant.  The upper lip is reinforced for easy draw and re-holstering and the two hard action snaps will attach to your belt while making sure to stay secure. 

We are also adding a magazine pouch.  There will be 3 options for the magazine pouch:

Single Outside the waistband

Single Inside the waistband

Double Outside the waistband

These will be available in natural oil, brown, or black and we believer our well thought out design will be an instant hit.


We have updated our product catalog to show our new items and you can download it now directly from our website:



Our costs have been increasing on not only leather (up 6% over the last 2 years) but all our costs across the board.  Due to this increase we are going to raise the cost of our Guide's Choice slightly, up only $5.  We are also increasing the cost of our reload strips for both the Guide's Choice and the Alaska Hunter Drop Loop by $5 to $40.  While we hate having to do this we hope our customers understand that this is needed to continue making the margins that we need.  Thank you for understanding and supporting our small, Alaskan based, business!

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Larry Austin
Larry Austin

January 02, 2019

Found your product on youtube. I am waiting for my holster I ordered for my GP100. I look forward to testing it in the field. I will let you know what my thoughts are after a couple trips.Thank you for your service and honesty about lag time from order to shipping. You are right on time from what I was told when I ordered. Thanks again. Larry Austin. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! and a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!!

Paul martin
Paul martin

July 12, 2018

I am left handed could never find a holster for my guns until I found diamond d holsters I have 4 of there holsters now they are the best holsters made great service very friendly staff would definitely recommend this company for a great quality made holsters

larry brown
larry brown

February 23, 2018

just seen the guides choice on utube,and needed to look into it.great looking holster.

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