Fire Bug

Your survival is only as good as the tools you have with you.  For this reason and parred as a nice compliment to the Alaska Survival Bracelet is the Fire Bug.  This keychain survival piece should be attached to the keys your car, snow machine, airplane, 4 wheeler, cabin key, and more.  When you break down or get stuck with a desperate need for warmth and survival you will always have the peace of mind knowing your firebug is attached to the ignition.  

    Run out of gas in the middle of nowhere?  No problem.
    Get stuck in the backcountry while hunting or playing?  No problem.

    Don’t let yourself or a loved one get stuck out in the middle of nowhere with out the Fire Bug.

Key Elements:
6” paraffin coated  jute
2”x6” reflective Mylar reflects or block 98% of the sun. 
Razor knife blade
Military grade fire steel and striker
15’ of paracord​

Alaska Survival Fire Bug

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