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Beverage Holster

Engrave, Stamp, or Initial this unique way to carry your frosty cold one.  These Beverage holsters are the design idea of a good friend who was tired of always holding onto his cold bottle and didn't want to put it in his pocket.  The Beverage Holster attaches to your belt, pocket, or pant side and has a leather strap to wrap around your leg.  Diamond D Custom Leather has come up with various designs to be added to the front of the beverage holster but will also allow you to use your own logo, stamp, or idea to adorn the front of this hugely popular item.  The beverage holster is not only a great way to carry your cold bottle, but an even better idea for your next party, event, or social outing. 
If you would like a different design/logo or stamp, please contact us and describe your idea or suggestion.  We will be happy to work with you to make your Beverage Holster special and unique.

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