Alaska Survival Bracelet

The Alaska Survival Bracelet is an essential piece of equipment that you should never leave your home without.  Whether you are planning a trip to the tough Alaskan outdoors, or a day hike in southern Utah, the Alaska Survival Bracelet should be on your wrist every time for piece of mind and the worst case scenario.

The key element of the Alaska Survival Bracelet is the paraffin wax covered jute that is weaved into a hollowed out piece of paracord.  This jute, once separated from the bracelet and frayed, should enable the survivor to make between 4-5 fires in any condition.  To get that fire started you will find, woven into the bracelet, a hardened steel scraper that can be used on the military grade fire steel toggle to spark that fire.  

Of course in a real survival situation you use what you have with you, which on the Alaska Survival Bracelet is an added 17’ of paracord for any number of uses and a whistle integrated in the buckle to attract attention or scare away predators. The military grade striker can also be used as a reflective surface for a signal mirror.

No matter what the situation, the Alaska Survival Bracelet will have you covered when you need it most, for survival.

The Key Elements to the Alaska Survival Bracelet are:

  • Military Grade Fire Steel (toggle) and Striker (Ceramic scraper) woven into bracelet under paracord stitching.
  • Whistle Buckle, not toggle for added security
  • 17’ of paracord
  • 7 inner strands of cord hold the paracord strength and can be used of other survival needs such as suture of a wound, thin tie’s, and more.
  • Paraffin wax covering twine (jute) approx. 7” good for 4-5 fires
  • Jute can be used as a tinder ball by simply fraying it in any condition, wet, cold, snowy, etc.

Submerge in water or expose to the toughest conditions and it will still work.

Alaska Survival Bracelet

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