Alaska Survival Products


Diamond D Custom Leather offers a variety of Alaska Survival Products created and manufactured by a very smart young man who saw a need and created the perfect products for your key element to survival, FIRE.
"Rafting down the Skwentna River in south central Alaska with his daughter, 45 year old Dave was having a great trip in the Alaskan outdoors.  Not a worry on his mind except the water...both coming from the sky (rain) and the rapid's ahead.  Unexpectedly the raft hit a boulder and then the eddy flipping the raft and threw both Dave and his 8 year old daughter out of the raft on into the fast, cold moving water.  All the contents of the raft were washed downstream along with anything that wasn't attached to Dave or his daughter.  After barely making it to the shore alive they were left in a survival situation that is a worst case scenario.  Soaking wet, cold, no food or shelter they tried desperately to start a fire.  With everything soaked for 3 days they were stuck on the river bank with no way to start a fire and near ruins. Finally after 3 days and many prayers a passing boat spotted them and they were rescued.  The one thing that Dave and his daughter preached when they got back was the need for FIRE.  They both knew they would not of make it one more night."  

From that true story the Alaska Survival Bracelet was born and since then the other companion The Fire Bug.  

No matter what situation you find yourself in, you can always have a fire starter attached to your and your families life may depend

We are so proud of Alaska Paracord Designs and Grayson who is only 15 years old now.  He recently won the 2015 Made In Alaska Manufacturer of the year.  Way to go Grayson!!  Check out his products sold here, we know you will agree they are amazing and life savers.

Made in Alaska: 2015 Manufacturer of the Year from Alaska Governor Bill Walker on Vimeo.


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