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Rifle Sling

Diamond D Custom Leather has hand crafted rifle slings that easily connect to your rifle.  These are all leather on the exterior with a soft suede fabric on the the inside ensuring comfort and safety.  The suede fabric on the inside helps the sling stay in place instead of sliding on your shoulder.  These Slings come either padded or not padded and with a few different design options.  The slings are a one size fits all and easily adjustable.  We do offer swivels to help attach your sling to the rifle.  Some of the images online may be outdated as we have found a better solution to attaching the sling.  We now use our high quality, black chicago screws at the ends of each sling to prevent the sling from being lost or falling off.  New images will come soon.

Leather Stamp: Plain, Basket Weave Stamp, Border Stamp
Color: Natural Oil, Black with white stitching, Brown with white stitching
Pad: Padded or Not Padded
Include Swivel: 1" Nickel Plated Swivel