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"Home of the Guide's Choice™, the ultimate outdoor holster."

Hip Holsters

Below are images of each style of Hip Holster.  All of our holsters are 100% high quality leather and hand crafted for each gun's make and model.  Diamond D Custom Leather will craft any of our Hip Holsters to fit all of the most popular Gun Models with different options available.  For a complete list of Gun Manufacturers and Models please click HERE You can also find this complete list along with all of the options available upon checkout.  

To make a purchase, use the "Buy Now" button below or at anytime you can be transferred to our secure Online Store by using the link, "Online Store" on the left of the page. 

If you have any questions that can't be answered in our FAQ section, please use our Contact Us link or call and we will get back to you right away.

Before you order make sure to let us know if your gun is not factory standard and any modifications have been done including different sights, scope's, rails, or anything else that changes the frame of the gun.  This will affect the fit in the holster and we can not guarantee our holster fit without knowing this ahead of time.  You can use the contact us link to get in touch with us or email directly at: Sales@DiamondDCustomLeather.com.  Thank you

Options Available:

Styles: Alaska Hunter, HH 12, Single Action
Colors: Natural Oil Finish, Brown, Black
Retention: Flap, Retention Strap, Hammer Thong, None
Hip Attachment: Belt Loop
Draw Type: Right, Left, Cross Draw



The Alaska Hunter is a hip holster with ease of carry in mind.  We have placed two screws and one snap on the back of the Alaska Hunter, this feature enables the user to either slide their belt through the loop, or unscrew the two screws and wrap it around a backpack or any other strap that can not be disconnected.  The Alaska Hunter will work with any of our gun models available.  It is a great choice for carrying your firearm on your hip securely while at the same time offering you the versatility to take it with you anywhere.  The standard holster is designed for strong side carry either left or right.  We do offer X-draw carry for this holster with approx. a 20 degree tilt.  This option and others can be selected at checkout.  Pair this holster with the drop loop (accessories) to extend the holster lower on your hip if carrying a backpack or something else around your waist.


HH 12

The HH 12 is a Hip Holster with the semi auto gun owner in mind.  It has a loop on the back to slide easily yet very securely onto your belt.  There is also a tension screw that can be adjusted for added security.  Each holster is hand molded for your particular gun, adding even more security.  Optionally we can add a retention strap.

The back of the holster is raised in order to protect not only the gun but also the body from having the guns hammer rub against your mid section.  The HH 12 is smooth lined.



(Western Style Holster)


Diamond D Custom Leather has hand crafted our Single Action Holster better known as a western style holster.  These holsters will slide nicely over any of our belts however they are specifically designed for our Western Style Belts and make a great holster for anyone looking to add to their western gear.  The flexablility of our design when worn with Diamond D Custom Leather's Western Gun Belt allows the holster to move more freely as to not get stuck or be in the way when worn on your hip.